Keep the log book – Drama as young motorist stopped by police refuses to follow them to station (Video)

A young Ghanaian man has fumed at a police officer that stopped him on the road and requested for his car documents and means of identification.

In a video which surfaced online, he could be seen having an argument with the police who stood outside while he remained in his car.

The incident reportedly happened in Kumasi, Ghana.

The teenage-looking driver had earlier given a log book to the officer who then asked for his driver’s licence.

He said that he won’t give the man his licence as all he would do is to show it to him to verify by looking.

Seeing as he was proving stubborn, the policeman said that he would be taken to the police station, but he declined following them.

The bold young man asked what his offence was, but the security agent could not state it clearly, rather he insisted on the motorist going with them to the station.

But he refused and said that they can keep the log book which he earlier gave the officer.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady who resides in the United States earlier shared her experience in the hands of men of the Nigeria Police Force after returning home.

The policemen were harrasing her and her uncle and when they got into a debate, the officers bragged that they are better than police in US and other countries.

She uploaded a video which showed her uncle were driving with her in the car to a location in Lagos state for campign purposes when they were stopped by police officers.

According to the young woman, the security agents told them that it’s because they were using a campaign vehicle that they were stopped.

During the interrogation, they asked to search her bags for drugs and gun, to which she obliged.

However, when they could not find any reason to hold or arrest them, the officers began to lecture her about the work Nigeria police does that makes them better than American police.

One of the men said that they were able to recover 8 locally made pistols and uncountable number of cartridges, in addition to juju which were used by criminals.

They prevailed on the lady and her uncle to follow them to the station so they can see proof that Nigeria police does policing work better than the ones abroad.

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