I’m not interested in Headies, I received plenty awards in school

Nigerian singer and internet sensation, Speed Darlington, has sent a message to his fans with a song he just released.

He said he is not interested in receiving notable awards from Headies and others, neither is he bothered if he is not considered.

Speed Darlington stated this in a video where he sampled the song titled ‘Love me’, adding that he got many awards when he was in school.

The Instagram influencer also bragged about being relevant till date even as people said he would not last and his peers have already faded.

”Nothing concern me and award, I don carry plenty for school”, he sang along in the clip.

Watch video below:

CorrectNG reported earlier that the rapper and ranted online over the horrible messages he received from an Uber driver in USA.

He shared his experience with the cabman who did not want to cancel the ride after delaying him for 30 minutes.

In the message Speedy uploaded, the driver said he is going home and addressed him with a racist slang.

The foreigner explained that he is doing the job of an Uber driver just as a hobby and he already has money. He also taunted the singer, saying that he would not be able to get another ride and he is starving.

Sharing a screenshot of the message, Speed Darlington narrated what happened between him and the cabman. He then called on Uber to sack the man for being highly unprofessional in the manner he handled the matter.

His post reads; ”Hey @uber my driver in Miami just called me a nga because refused to cancel the ride because I will be charged for no reason so I told him to cancel it because he’s the one that refused to pick me up when he realized I wasn’t canceling because I don’t want to lose my money after all the waiting after 30 minutes he inbox me this message your driver is very unprofessional he should be fired.”

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