You should set aside 30 percent of your salary for your girlfriend

A Nigerian entrepreneur has taken to social media to share her ideas with men on how they can get take care of their girlfriend’s financial needs.

The lady known as @perfectioncraze on Twitter said men should set aside 30 percent of their salary as allowance for their babes.

She made the statement on October 28, noting that it is salary week and they would be expected to make the financial plan as the month is coming to an end.

The lady further suggested that anyone who cannot send to their girlfriend should be sent to her.

She tweeted; ”It’s salary week, please remember to set aside at least 30% of it for your girlfriend’s allowance. If you don’t have a girlfriend, then send it to me.”

Social media users stormed her comment section and gave sarcastic replies to her post.

@haysal; Way ahead of you, my employer pays my salary directly to her account. She then decides the percentage I deserve. Love my baby❤️

@Sai_Ishaya_; Anyone who isn’t giving his girlfriend 100% of his salary is not serious about the relationship. 👍🏼

@mmuyiiwaa; 30% is small in my honest opinion for the woman you love. My woman takes what she wants while I manage the rest.

@avayen3000; You men are so backward. Whenever I start any job I always give the HR my gfs account. That’s how to do it. You need to work for the women you love.

@asaolu_yetunde; Why does he need to set aside 30% for girlfriend even God takes only 10%

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