Romantic moment Nigerian pilot proposed to his lover mid-air (Video)

Love is in the air became less of a figurative expression when a Nigerian pilot proposed to his girlfriend while on a flight.

The young man left the cockpit and used the announcer to call out his girlfriend who boarded the plane he was flying.

He announced that he wants her to be his wife in front of everyone, so other passengers helped him by trying to locate the woman’s seat.

The lady who he identified as Ada was eventually found and he approached her to make the engagement official.

He brought out a ring and went on his knees right beside Ada, to ask for her hand in marriage and she was moved to emotions.

She stood up from her seat and gave a heartwarming speech reaffirming her love for him after which she accepted the marriage proposal.

The entire cabin erupted in loud applause and cheers as the couple hugged passionately.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments below..

obia_nuju_; This love… I go catch you one day

king_fisayomi; Awwwn this is the real definition of love in the air 😂😂😍😍😍

miz_halliday; The real definition of love in the air😍

lavivia25; Congratulations.BLOCKED🤧

domingo_loso; That’s what you call Fly love 🫡

oro.__; Awwnn…..This Single life pain me o.

magamudi; Two things can crash: a plane and a marriage. Abeg ooo

phemmypoko; So this mic fit clear like this? 🤭🌚Why e dey different if dem dey talk about turbulence. Anyways, congratulations bro. 😌

Meanwhile, a case of a proposal not going as expected was captured on tape and shared on social media.

In a video posted on social media, a young man proposed to his woman in a shopping mall but she refused to accept. The lady left him on his knees and started walking out of the place but he quickly stood up and tried to stop her from leaving.

In a swift reaction, she turned and landed a hot slap on his face and it was a destabilising one that left him shook. She then stormed off and never turned back while the guy remained in the same position as other men gathered round to console him.

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