Native doctor storms Yahoo Yahoo client’s house to demand her share after the gods revealed he ‘collected’ without informing her

A video making the rounds online shows the moment a female herbalist was having a confrontation with a group of Yahoo Boys, who are her client.

One of them reportedly visited her to prepare charm for them to use to secure foreign clients that will pay huge amounts.

It was gathered that they were supposed to ‘settle’ the traditionalist after cashing out but they failed to do so.

After giving them the juju and they used it to get money, she stormed their house to demand her share even thu

She said that the gods told her that they yahoo boy have cashed out but were hiding that from her.

In the viral video, the herbalist could be seen arguing with the yahoo boys who stated that the money they received was small.

Watch the clip below:

See how social edia users reacted…

hannieta__; The gods said “shey you Dey whine me niiiiiii😂😂😂😂😂

africanflamingo_; Shey you dey whine the gods🤣. Una dey get mind sha and the girls dating theses things.

domingo_loso; Don’t people wonder why native doctors don’t use their juju to get rich? Don’t people sit down and think.

abujasextoyshop; Nigerian yahoo boys no get chill. Them they even scam babalawo

beccaszn; This country isn’t even a real place 🤦‍♀️ 😂😂

sauceprince1; Agreement is agreement, how about you do your windows mite, if you feel the herbalist deserves nothing. Always remember who helped you dear keyboard ⌨️ lord.

magamudi; It is the boy’s confidence for me, you want to guy the gods? Chai

mrgoodnews011; Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Even the Bible said so. 😂

Similarly, it was earlier reported that a suspected cyber fraudster, who is into Yahoo plus tackled a native doctor for giving him charm that did not work.

In a video posted on social media, he could be seen trying to use the juju to compel a foreign client to send him money.

Unfortunately, things did not go as expected and he was left disappointed. Another part of the clip showed him querying the herbalist for giving him juju that failed to work.

While speaking through the phone, the native doctor asked him if he was sure that he used it correctly and it didn’t work.

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