I want to be a baller

A Nigerian lady has revealed how her father subtly trolled her on an airplane after they boarded the same flight.

She revealed that he booked first class for himself while she was sitting in the economy section of the plane.

The lady shared a video which showed him waving her from the first class as he was about to take his seat.

From the location of her seat, she had a clear view of where her father was positioned in the 1st class cabin.

She cried out using a viral TikTok voice over which says; ”I don’t wanna be a mechanic, I wanna be a baller”

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCG), Pastor E.A Adeboye, earlier lamented over the cost of flght tickets.

He urged Nigerians to pray for their leaders while also talking about the high cost of flight tickets, rising cost of bread and the frequent collapse of the national grid.

Adeboye spoke on during RCCG’s monthly thanksgiving service, which also commemorated Nigeria’s 62nd independence.

The revered cleric also stated that despite the economic challenges faced by citizens, the presidential villa would not feel it, stressing that there would always be bread and electricity there.

He said in part; “Maybe we should spend more time praying for our rulers. We know it’s easier to criticise. There are battles human beings cannot fight and win. There are certain battles only God can win.

“Pray for your rulers, because for every mistake they’ll make, it’s the people who will suffer, not them. Why are we suffering? Because we have not prayed. The fault is ours. The other day, I was asking how much a ticket from Lagos to Abuja is and they said N250,000. It used to be about N60,000. I asked what happened and they told me…”

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