Twitter user shocks many with his incredible male-to-female transition pictures

A South African transgender known as @Tholang_Motsumi, has sparked reactions on the microblogging platform with male-to-female transition pictures.

The man who transitioned into a woman, shared his childhood photo as a cute boy and put it beside a recent photo after becoming a young ‘pretty’ lady.

The photos left many netizens in shock and they opined that they would start asking people about their birth genders.

According to Tholand, the childhood picture is him when he was a 5-year-old boy.

The caption reads; ”Me at 5 Versus me Today😜😜😜”

See the post below:

CorrectNG compiled some comments from social media users.

callmedamy; Men make una dey careful o…start asking for their baby pictures 😂😂

veevogee; Home training won’t allow me say what’s on my mind 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

meerah_cul; Ho Lee Sheet🤯🤯🤯… So what happened to the man in you ??🤌🏼💀

myselfdefense_ng; Before i date or marry anyone, I go Dey ask for birth certificate, primary school graduation pic, affidavit of gender confirmation and letter from your village elders confirming your gender because things Dey occur

_somebi; We have to start asking for childhood pictures

just.a.random.gyal; Most of you will marry one of these people and it’ll be fun to watch😂

macy__stephens; I’m sure her parents loved dressing her as a boy, there is no way she wasn’t a girl

nnenna_blinks_; Equinsu a Romance ichie mami water 😩 this world don go oh

sunnyihemrorochiamaechi; This world can be something else in asari dokubo’s voice. Life and choices . His / her choice though 😂

sauceprince1; More glorious wins darling. The lord will keep confusing your enemies for you, as you feel and seem you know better.

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