Oritse Femi’s wife dumps him for having two kids with his babymama while still married

Nabila Fash has left her husband, popular singer Oritse Femi following series of cheating scandals and the latest being that he fathered kids outside of his marriage.

She revealed that she has finally left the artiste after numerous fights and reconciliations have happened through the years.

According to Nabila, she endured a lot of issues in the marriage because of love but the one she could not stomach was him having two more children with his baby mama while he was still married.

She shared the heartbreaking story during a live interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze.

The singer’s ex-wife noted that when she married him, he already had kids out of wedlock, but she chose to accept it like that, thinking that once he becomes a married man all that will change.

Watch her speak below:

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