How I dumped my girlfriend twice because I couldn’t take care of her financially

A Nigerian man simply known as Hybee, has narrated how he ‘re-broke up’ with his girlfriend who was too demanding.

He said that he ended their relationship and she asked him why, so he explained that it is because he could not afford to handle her needs money-wise.

She pleaded with him not dump her, saying that she did not fall in love with him or agree to date him because of money.

He heaved a sigh of relief that his babe understands his predicament. However, just a day later, she started asking for the money she previously requested for, so he decided to break up with her again.

This time he did not change his mind, and he noted that it is because the country is hard.

In his words; ‘‘So I broke up with my girlfriend & she asked me why. Just told her I’m financially cripple to take care of her needs and she demands too much. She said I shouldn’t do that to her, she didn’t love me because of money, we will manage.

I said okay sorry about that let’s continue, glad you understand me. But a day after, she’s already asking me about the money she told me she needs before. So I re-broke up with her again. Abeg I can’t come and k!ll myself. Kwantry hard now.”

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Reacting, @TemiHNIC said; You made the best decision bro. Your peace and sanity matters the most. She’d drive you into frustration and depression if you didn’t break up with her. If you’re not okay financially women would drive you crazy.

@DjOdogwu; Have u noticed after breakup the loyal one stays single until they’re healed,then the cheater is already in another relationship

@Misheckchidos; But I don’t understand you either do you want her to start cheating? My girlfriend she has no means of income I do everything for her I mean from pads and we both oky with that if she brings money home I question until I get good answers.

@MrTakudzwa; These girls that will exclaim I don’t love your money but you are the same girls who will pressurize men to get married when they are not financially stable…..Today you live for love tomorrow you live for your needs.

@SidneyEze1; I did mine last month, I broke up with her bcuz I can’t take care of her and there is one big dude with money ready to spend on her. I can’t stop her from shining biko, I had to let her go.”

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