Man reportedly commits suicide after discovering he’s not the biological father of his 10-yr-old daughter

A middle-aged man has allegedly committed suicide in South Africa after he found out that his child was fathered by someone else.

Twitter user, Mo Magoda, who shared the deceased’s story on the microblogging site, said he discovered that he is not the biological father of his 10-year-old daughter after seeing court documents.

The 42-year-old man saw the DNA test results and court documents sent to his wife by his daughter’s real father.

The biological father was demanding access and custody of the child, so he served the woman court papers after filing a case to take over guardianship.

The heartbroken man and his wife have been married for 13 years and he never suspected any foul play.

Read the write-up;

”A 42 year old man killed himself after he discovered that he is not the biological father of his 10 year old daughter that he raised. The man has been married to the mother of the child for 13 years.

This is after the man discovered that he is not the biological father after he saw court papers served to the mother by the biological father who was demanding access to his daughter.

The biological father attached DNA test results…I think he was dumb to kill him self. He should’ve stayed alive to sue for damages this thing cost him for 10yrs. But he was shortsighted.”

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