Moment pregnant woman ran out after realising her husband overheard her phone convo (Video)

A pregnant woman has been captured on tape by her husband when she was having a conversation with a friend.

The woman was telling her friend that men always cheat and they are not to be trusted, including her own husband.

She was having the conversation in the bathroom,thinking that it was a safe space but unknown to her, he was eavesdropping and filming.

The pregnant lady referred to her husband as a ‘devil’ as she informed her friend that she always looks at him suspiciously.

In the process of making more statements, she heard a sound from behind the door only for her to look up and see her husband. She then screamed and quickly ran out of the bathroom.

Watch the video below:

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Meanwhile a South African lady identified on Twitter as @MissTinah_M, has vowed never to take care of any man or build him following the heartbreak she recently experienced.

She said that a man she’s been taking care of underappreciated her efforts and even broke up with her to be with another girl.

According to Tinah, she cleared his debt with his employer to prevent him from losing his job but that was apparently not enough.

She said that is the reason she would no longer lower her standards for any other man she meets in the future.

Taking to Twitter, Tinah wrote; ”I dated a man who I provided for. Helped him settle his debt with his boss. Or else he was going to be fired at work. That guy left me high and fry for a better woman. So forgive me for not wanting to drop my standards. I’m not building a man. He must build himself.”

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