Man who married blind woman dumped by her husband goes blind years later

In a rare and shocking true love story, a Tanzanian man, Rashidi has narrated how he became visually impaired years after marrying a lady living with visual impairment known as Lilian.

He said that his family members made a mockery of him and rejected him when he informed them that he has fallen for a woman who is unable to see.

The Tanzanian couple shared their story with Afrimax in an interview as they engaged in Public display of affection.

When Rashidi, a native of Arusha, indicated interest in her, Lilian was shocked at how a normal person who has never been blind could choose her for a wife

The woman had been abandoned by her husband with whom she welcomed two kids.

To the surprise of many, this did not deter Rashidi as he told her he loved her and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life.

Rashidi’s family said he is the one who needed someone to help him, not him helping someone else. However, he did not mind his family’s comments and they eventually got married.

However, a few years later, Rashidi found himself in jail for no reason and suddenly went blind. He blamed his siblings for the unfortunate occurrence, claiming they never wanted to see him succeed in life.

Lilian, who also was not born with blindness, was by his side to help him adapt to the new norm. The couple later gave birth to a child who could see and assisted them in chores.

Watch the interview below:

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