I need a woman in my life

A Nigerian man has cried out online that he’s in urgent need of a partner to help him with domestic activities like cooking.

He attempted cooking a pot of noodles and failed woefully as the result did not look appetizing.

The man said he would stop claiming to know how to cook because what he prepared was ‘beautiful nonsense’.

‘I cannot cook anything ooo, abeg I need woman in my life”, he said.

View the clip and some comments below:

vanessaoflagos; You need a chef dear🤣

official_richimayo; Use gas now he no go soft like Semo next time 🙄 ah gas dun cost self 😂😂

real_tina4.u; Manage am oga.. Dem no de throway food for this economy. Pele 😂😂😂😂

dreamynaturalle; Go and learn how to cook or buy cooked meals in bulk, God did not bring women into this world to come and cook 🥴

sandela740; My dear u need to learn because even most men can cook talk less of elementary noodles

ebukadey4you; This one is truly a KING 👑 and MOI MOI 😂

_mer_cee; Na woman come life come cook na

dorisdobi; You don’t need a woman. U need to employ a cook and pay for the services cos y’all don’t appreciate women’s effort at all.

In other news, a Nigerian lady has gone on social media to declare with confidence that her boyfriend will never cheat.

She listed five reasons why she believes he won’t cheat on her ithanother girl and the first is that is that his family know her.

The second thing she mentioned is that she cooks delicious food for him and the third was her talking about how fine she is.

The young girl further said that because she does not bill him she knows he won’t end the relationship. In conclusion, she said that all her boyfriend’s friends know her as his girlfriend.

In the video she posted, she listed the reasons as the on-screen caption while dancing to a song.

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