How I pinned my pregnancy on 3 men without knowing the father

A young Ghanaian woman has revealed that she made three men to take up the role of fathers for her child because she could not figure out which of them was responsible for her pregnancy.

The lady who made this known in an interview on Oyerepa FM, said she told each of them that she’s carrying their baby in order to make them take responsibility for catering for the child.

The new mother also mentioned the names of the men who had been intimate with her before the child was born.

She confessed that because she couldn’t tell who was the real father, she pinned it on all of them since they contributed to the conception of the baby.

In ther news, a 57-year-old man has reportedly found out that the five kids he’s been raising as his own are actually not his biological children.

He made the discovery after taking them to a health centre for DNA test and the results came out negative.

The Former Special Assistant to the FCT Minister, Henry Nwazuruahu aka Henry Shield, shared the story on Facebook.

He revealed that the heartbroken man and his wife were married for 20 years, so people have been urging him to be a man and not cry to much about it.

Shield wrote; “Man is 57 years old, did DNA test for all his 5 children and none of the children was his own. He was married for 20 years. They are telling him to “be a man.” Ok.”

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