GBC What Do You Know enters final stage

The most authoritative, informative and educative programme “GBC What Do You Know” enters its final stage this Sunday 30th October, 2022

The programme travelled from the preliminary, quarter through semifinal stages, your most inspiring programme enters its final stage

We invite countrymen, friends, lovers of knowledge and stakeholders, especially the business community who value quality information and excellence, to cheer their most adorable brain to victory.


Would it be Salim Ahmed Salim, Evans Wovenu, Haruna Mohammed, Paul Afari Mintah, Fred Danso-Amoako or Charles Debrah? To unravel this riddle, come to GBC, Kanda Accra this Sunday 30th October, 2022 at 12:00 Noon.

This programme as always is also on your GBC Uniiq 95.7 Mhz and all GBC Regional and District FM stations. Catch us also on Facebook @Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

Come, watch and listen to your evergreen and indefatigable Quiz Master Dan Afari Yeboah at his best.


Mr. Dan Afari Yeboah, Head of Private Law Firm: Afari Yeboah and Associates, Kontonkyi Chambers is an old student of Mfatsipim School and the University of Ghana, Legon.

He was appointed Quiz Master of the evergreen and popular radio & television programme, “GBC What Do You Know” in 1986, at the time the programme was conducted at the Art Centre Accra, and aired live on GBC Radio Two, until it was put on Ghana Television in 2003.

He is versatile and can handle any subject/discipline, living up to the statement: “from archaeology to zoology.”

He is currently the face of the programme, and has won a number of awards (with the programme) in spite of the lack of sponsorship.

He has with tenacity and sacrifice as well as team spirit mentored a number of people who are currently in various professions in the service of Ghana.

He is a container of positive energy and has undoubtedly kept the programme and matters of knowledge search afloat in Ghana.


The studio set needs an enhancement to include an electronic scoring setup.

The programme should at this stage add the new media (Live Facebook streaming, YouTube etc) to its channel of transmission.

It would also be great, if a title sponsor comes on board to take care of the production cost to ensure regular payment of artiste fees for the Quiz Master/crew and contestants.

If this becomes possible, a segment where a question is asked the audience to be answered by way of text messaging for prizes every week would be introduced.

This segment can be sponsored by any of the telecommunication companies who would share the proceeds/benefits with GBC on an agreed ratio. This certainly would boost the popularity of the programme.


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