Woman devastated as she discovers her husband is bedding every lady in her family

A Nigerian woman has been left totally shattered after discovering that her husband is cheating on her with all the ladies in her family.

The distraught lady said that he even beds her mother, and two of her sisters are already pregnant for him.

She said her sisters and mum often visit but she did not suspect anything or see any wrong in their visits.

According to her, the neighbours have known about what’s been happening but none of them felt the need to report to her.

She lamented deeply, saying that she never knew her husband was responsible and it was while addressing the pregnancy of her two sisters that they also found out the last girl is pregnant for him.

In her words; ‘‘I don’t even know whether to cry or not. As I’m typing this, I’m drinking my self to stupor. ‘m married and I have 4 children. My husband is good to my family. He’s from Ijaw and I’m an Urhobo. Each time I see him carrying my family matter for em head. I thank God and call myself a lucky woman cos of the way he takes care of me and my family.

This even, something happened and God exposed them. I’m not emotionally sound to type the full story. But the bottom line is that my so called husband is sleeping with all the ladies in my family. From head to toe. He is doing it with my mum and all my sisters. Two of my sisters are carrying his baby. I know of one before. She’s in her 6months.

I didn’t know my husband is d one responsible. It was when we are tackling d issue on ground that we found out our last born is 2months pregnant and my husband is responsible. My mum and sisters frequent my house. I’ve never questioned or suspected them cos i tot it was inlaw relationship. All the neighbors are aware but they hide it from me. I don’t know what to do. I’m not emotionally ready for this, tell me I’m dreaming. I’m sad and hurt inside but tears aren’t coming. A man I gave my all. Is this what marriage is all about? ”

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