Man who owned two cars resorts to riding bicycle after crypto crashed

A Nigerian man living abroad has dished advise to people to stay humble as he revealed how his fortunes nosedived owing to crashes in the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

The guy known as Sam said that he used to have two cars which he bought months ago when the markets were favourable.

He showed off the two rides, a white Mercedes Benz and grey Range Rover in a video posted on social media.

However, six months down the line, Sam sold one of the cars out of frustration and abandoned the other after it developed a fault.

He now uses a bicycle to convey himself to and fro his destination in the United Kingdom.

According to the young man, money in crypto and stock markets are just online numbers and they become one’s money when a sale has been made.

He wrote in the clip; ‘‘So once upon a time, I owned two cars. There were even times I was flexing driving one while driving past the other. Then crypto and stocks crashed 6 months later and I had to sell one and the other became faulty so I went back to cycling.

“It is really not your money until you sell, just online numbers. “Be humble because your life can change any minute.”

The post caption reads; ”Stocks and crypto really done me dirty i had to remove it from insta bio! This kinda investment is not for everyone, never again!”

Watch the video below:

@samobad9 Stocks and crypto really done me dirty i had to remove it from insta bio! This kinda investment is not for everyone, never again! #stocks #stockmarket #stockstobuy #stocktok #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptok #humble #fyp #blowthisup #fypシ #fypage #viral #trending #lessons #neveragain #stockmarketcrash #cryptoinvesting ♬ KU LO SA – A COLORS SHOW – Oxlade

In other news, a man named Donatus Chima took to social media to reveal how proud he is of himself for building a beautiful house for his parents.

He took to his social media page to show off the edifice which he said he was able to start and finish with the help of foreign exchange (Forex).

According to Donatus, reaching the current stage of completion of the structure was a long journey for him.

He expressed gratitude that he decided to remain resolute in his pursuant of his hustle which eventually paid off for him.

Sharing a photo of the crib on his Twitter page, Donatus wrote; ”Finally completed this structure for my Dad and Mom❤️ A really long journey but I’m grateful I never gave up on my hustle. Forex was the key to my dreams.”

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