ICT concerns of Togbe Aho Memorial DA Global Basic at Kebenu

At a ceremony to commission the seven seater washroom facility provided by a Christian non governmental organisation, international needs Ghana, the Head Teacher of the school, Mr Simon Gakpetor commended International Needs for their interventions in the school,  aimed at creating a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning.

According to him the school though having an ICT lab does not have the needed computers to make teaching and learning of ICT practicable.

“We have a Computer Lab as I mentioned, but we don’t have a single computer .Teachers teach ICT in abstract. Occasionally they use their personal laptops to demonstrate practical concepts and its a challenge. We will be glad if the government after introducing the ICT concept they can provide us with computers so that we facilitate the teaching of ICT in the school, “he added.

The Awafiaga and Head of the Aho Clan of Bakpa Traditional Srea, Togbe Kofi Aho commended International Needs Ghana for their efforts to partner the government to bring development to Kabenu.

He reminded officials of International Needs Ghana about the need to honour their pledges to the Community.

The Executive Director of International Needs Ghana, Mr Cromwell Awadey, commended the Chiefs and People of Kebenu for partnering with the organisation to bring some level of development,  especially, in the areas of Women Empowerment and Education.

According to him lnternational Needs Ghana will continue to prioritise issues of  safety for children and the vulnerable in its operational areas.

“The safety and protection of children and for that matter the best interest of the child is at the heart of all the interventions of international needs ghana. International needs has also been providing periodic medical care to the children in the school as well as the community members through our medical outreach programmes”.

The provision of the Seven Seater Washroom by International Needs Ghana at a cost of over 150,000 Gana Cedis was in response to an appeal by the Students and Management of the school.

The Male and female sections of the new toilet facility have 3 toilet  cubicles each. The girls section has a changing room which among other purposes is meant to serve as a safe space for girls to change clothes and pads during menstruation.

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