How a guy shed tears after I bought clothe for him and took him out

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how she made a guy feel special and it left him in an emotional state.

She said that she bought him a Polo and visited his house to give it to him while also asking him to get dressed so they could go out.

According to the lady, she was supposed to travel that period so she wanted to create some lasting memories.

When she showed up at his place and gave him the clothe, he was surprised, but he wore it and they went out.

During their date, she gave him her card and pin to pay for everything they ordered at the different places they visited.

When they reached home, he hugged her deeply and he was struggling to hold back tears as he told her that no girl has ever done that for him.

The lady known on Twitter as @derossyclassiqu wrote; ‘‘One time I was with this guy, he didnt have much and couldn’t afford to take us out on a date. I was supposed to travel in few days and needed to create memories. So I got him a polo, then the next morning I dressed up, went to his place to pick him up.

“Oga k, You don baff?

Oya take, throws the polo to him dress up I want to take you out” 😁

him: “see this one o! Ahh! What’s happening? You got me polo? How you take know my size?”

Me: “abeg wear something let’s leave here”😂

Him: “Ehenn! Acting all surprised.

wears it e fit me o. Ehenn! See rose oh!

So we left and entered town. On getting there, I gave him my card and pin to pay for everything. We first went to an eatery, ate to our fill before we went shopping and later to Other fun activities. It was all fun.

So we got back to His place and he just stood there looking at me, then hugged me so tight. Oga became so emotional and was struggling to hold back tears.

I was confused. He den said “ah! Babe you’ve shocked me today, no girl has ever done this for me all my life. You even gave me ur card,

So people won’t know you sponsored it all. Babe thank you so much You even got me polo for the outing, Ehen! So women dey spend money”

This sm1 that was far older Dan me…yet He had never experienced this before. he almost broke my tiny ribs with hugs. Back in my room, I got thinking, I was surprised at why it was so much of a big deal to him couldn’t understand…”

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