You’ll think money can make you happy until you have it

Nigerian singer, Olakira has shared some food for thought with his fans about the never-ending topic of money and its influence on happiness.

He hinted that it is only when someone eventually becomes rich that they will realise money cannot make them happy.

Taking to his Twitter page, he stated that one may think getting money will make them happy, however, the might not know the truth until they get the riches.

He tweeted; ”You go think say money go make you happy till you get am”

Social media users shared differing views while reacting to his statement.

@Allibendo tweeted; Senior man wait make i get am first before you drop this kind motivation

@jamiu_BIN_ladin; E Better Make I dey cry for my G-wagon make AC dey blow me ejeh 🙏

@akajeezus; Omo Okada breeze dey quick dey tears oh 😂 👍

@bidal899; Poverty doesn’t make me happy either

@Xter_b; Make I get am first Edakun..The grace to be able to get what you want when needed is something to desire day by day and it will be granted in Christ Jesus😘😘

@SirCDN; Money is just a means; an enabler. If you don’t need money to be happy, no such amount in the world will change a thing. But if you need money to be happy then get it. Yet happiness is fleeting. Aim for fulfillment instead by dispatching your undertaking one day at a time.

@joevannitrap; This deep is so deep. Money don’t bring happiness rather bring out the demons in you, think about you n ask why some famous celebs, artists, etc die early from different vices like drugs overdose, depression? Ask yourself that question quietly.

@Saiyan_Andre; Na why I like AG baby. He talk something like this but he added that he prays we get our own so that we can see and judge. Not all this yarns after you don hammer. Abeg abeg abeg.

In similar news, Senegalese-American singer and business tycoon, Akon has said that money brings more problems for a rich person than the comfort that’s expected.

The music executive stated this in a radio interview as he lamented about the challenges associated with having money.

According to the ‘Lonely’ hitmaker, money does not necessarily buy happiness as it largely depends on what makes one happy.

Akon also stated that people who have money do not have time as it makes you lose yourself and takes you away from your family.

He further explained that since money makes people unable to find time for their family, then that is no comfort.

Akon said, “Money brings you more problems than it brings comfort. You lose yourself. You can’t find time for your family. That’s no comfort.”

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