Is my husband’s house a relaxation centre?

A newly married woman has gone online to express her displeasure over having to live with her mother-in-law.

According to the lady who shared her story in an online forum, they got married last week Sunday and her husband’s mother moved in with them on the wedding night.

She said that her mother-in-law is not allowing her to enjoy her marriage which is still in its early stages.

Read her write-up;

“I’m a newlywed. I just got married on Sunday. My Mother In Law followed us home since then and has refused to go home.

Normally we are Newlyweds aren’t we supposed to be alone at first? Or I’m I wrong? We didn’t give birth now. She took over my husband room, that’s where she’s been sleeping since Sunday night. What if we are staying in one room ? Is that how she will take over my Matrimonial bed? Because we are not supposed to be sleeping in my room.

We have a Guest room but she prefers to sleep on our own Bed. She also said she will be using two weeks with us, That she came to rest here. I don’t get is my husband house a relaxation center? PS: we just rented a House for her, well furnished and comfortable..

I didn’t even enjoy my wedding night. She slept in my husbands room on our bed. I’m not even enjoying my marriage in the first week. No marital thrill or such after the wedding to talk of honeymoon. And she’s always pinning on me like my prayers are too short, I’m not doing this or that, why I’m I still sleeping and in the that, why I’m I still sleeping and in the kitchen by this time, I’m always on my phone ( I run an online store o! How won’t I press phone) I’m this I’m that I’m this.

I recently closed down my store because we were moving before marriage. Sometimes she will say it jokingly but just to insult me. Like I’m walking on ice cubes, just being careful at everything I do or say. I’m not free or comfortable. She came two days before our wedding since then she has been ordering me about to the extent that I forgot to make my hair and my nails until Saturday night, and eventually I could only weave my hair. I didn’t do my wedding nails as a Bride.

She said breakfast by 7 am and dinner before 7 pm. She said if the meal is past 7pm she won’t eat it. I have to be knocking the door before I entered my husband’s room. It’s just barely 4 days we wedded. I really don’t understand. Me and my husband have to be sleeping in my Room I need advice here Sid Ma This thing is driving me insane I’ve seen several stories about MIL but I never thought this could happen to me and Infact this early.

I’ve not told my Husband how I feel but I know he sees nothing wrong with it through his words and behavior. I already know what he will say if I talk about it because he sees it like she came to rest here.

And I don’t want to start bringing up such issues as I feeel it’s too early in my Marriage. Maybe she has an hidden motive or mission only God knows cause I don’t know what to think or feel. I’m just exhausted I need help !!!!”

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