He’s never paid for my flight since we started dating

A young lady claiming to be the girlfriend of a man that went viral after booking flight for an Instagram slayqueen, has cried out online.

She called him Asonta, and said that she came across the video which left her heartbroken because he became popular only after making arrangements to meet another girl.

According to the alleged girlfriend known as Ibom_babe on social media, they have been dating for seven months, but they stay in different cities.

The young lady claimed that her guy has never booked a flight for her to visit him ever they’ve been dating.

She was teary-eyed as she said that anytime she wants to visit him, she usually pays for the flight ticket herself.

Watch her speak below:

CorrectNG recalls that the man had taken to social media to call out an Instagram slayqueen known as Margaret, who used his money to go and see another man.

He said that he paid her transport fare for her to fly out to meet him but she redirected the flight to another man’s location.

The guy lamented over the amount he paid as he asked if she knows how much flight costs at the moment.

He issued a warning to her online and said that she has 24 hours to refund his money else he will jail her.

The angry man wondered what type of women that are in the society today as he noted that she has been posting pictures with the man she went to see.

He shared screenshots of her IG profile and videos of her having fun with the other guy at undisclosed locations.

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