Young man vows to ensure his woman remains a housewife, says ‘I’m a traditional man’

A Nigerian man identified as King Dubie says when he gets married, he will make sure his partner is a housewife.

He said that he has already commenced necessary investments to actualise his plan of having a domestic wife.

According to Dubie, he is a traditional man who intends to solely take up the role of providing for his family.

Taking to his Twitter page, the young man stressed that his wife will not work and it is his preference.

In his words; ”I will get married and my wife will be a house wife. That’s my choice …, I’m already making the necessary investments.. I’m a traditional man … and this is the best thing… I will provide for my family. Wifey won’t work. Now y’all should drag your keypad.”

See his post:

Tweeps questioned him about the plans and he responded in the comment section.

@VenitaJacinta; 🤓🤓🤓🤓. Then tomorrow when you give birth to a female child and wants her to become a medical doctor, when she does, you better accept if she tells you, she wants to be a full house wife. 🤓🤓🤓

KingDubie; I will accept her choices. As long as she doesn’t talk about hook up .. or goin to live with a man who isn’t her husband

@BodeAfolabi2; So your wife doesn’t have ambitions or goals of her own? As a traditional man you suppose be herbalist.

@kingdubie_; Women have ambitions too … and that should be a happy home with happy kids. Women never find that everlasting Joy if they don’t get to have a family at the end .., no matter the fame and money

@Kingolybarlion; In the world we live in Now… Is not all about being a traditional man. But your opinion is respected.

@kingdubie_; Modern men are the problem

Read other comments below..

@tony_god_sent; I will like my wife to work, but not morning till night job, if possible I want her to own her business, probably a shop or boutique, one she has control over. I can confidently wake up and tell her to stay at home and don’t go anywhere today. She can have girls that help her

@EziokwuFab; I dream of this. But two problems from my side 1. Will I be able to earn enough to support us both? 2. Will I find a girl that will agree?

@IjamaNubia; You will. Know this. Women don’t know what they want. They expect you to know and they get mad at you when you can’t figure out what they want. Be a good leader. Lead her well.

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