Young man seen frowning after surprising girlfriend with birthday package (Video)

A young man’s facial expression after organising a birthday surprise for his girlfriend has sparked reactions.

The guy stormed her house with a trumpeter to serenade her with some tunes and sprayed money on his babe as she turned a new age.

However, in a video which surfaced online, he maintained a frown as she covered her face in shyness and later hugged him for the lovely gesture.

He did not look happy and his face was absent of even a forced smile and this caused netizens to ask questions.

However, he still managed to shower mint naira notes on his girlfriend as the trumpeter continued playing.

Watch the video below:

pauldgoodguy; it’s the strong face for me

ogidan_topman; Richie they reason am for mind say iyayin 😂 I don do panranran for her 😂 no joy

horpieofficial; Smile ke😂 u sabi whr Richie see mint

butterscotch_cherry; I never collect paranran for my life before 😢…..God when

a_h_m_a.d; Why Richie come frown face 😂😂 na Lapo money you use do panranran😂

chiomajecyntha; Biko Atleast he try 👏

haydn_wf_; Why he con frown 😂😂😂 , they force you spend money 😂😂

keji33_x; Someone say awwn awwn

official_ajebo_hustler; Love dey trenches oh😂😂😂 But why Don Pablo dey vex.

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