Skit-maker lands in hospital after being beaten by youths for playing snake prank (Video)

A Nigerian content creator has been brutalised after he played a fake snake prank on passengers in a commercial bus.

His content often revolves around pranking commuter, and acting like he has a carton or bag containing snake inside the bus and he scares people into alighting.

However, things went sour for him during one of his recent pranks as youths pounced on him after finding out he did not have any snake.

The skit-maker landed in hospital and his head was bandaged as a result of the injuries he sustained from the beating.

He made a video while leaving a government hospital and narrated what happened to him. The prankster also begged fans to pray for him.

Watch him speak below:

In reaction, sirvic___; Your mate deh script prank u go show urself sorry 😢😂

badmansea; No1 them suppose best you now cos some passenger no go won enter bus again cos them no go still believe say na prank

life.of.caxy; I remember this guy 😂😂 but wait a second! Who be ur fans ?😂

sisteryinka; The beating was also a prank 😂😂😂 Enjoy the pain you serve to others too, I hope you don’t end up learning your lessons in jail by the time you prank someone with medical issues and it goes haywire.

Meanwhile a video which recently circulated on the net showed the moment two pranksters played a dangerous prank on members of a community.

One of those who fell victim to the prank is a vigilante who was armed with a shot gun. The young men were walking on a sandy pathway which had a blind spot and they acted as though they saw danger ahead, so they turned back and started running.

The vigilante who was just few steps behind them immediately made a U-turn and started running with his weapon in his hand.

Also, a cab man, an okada rider and a hawker who were all passing the same route reversed in a bid to escape from whatever made others run away.

However, after successfully making everyone flee in panic, one of the pranksters came back and said it was all a joke.

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