Man drags his girlfriend online for cooking noodles as strong as cement (Video)

A Nigerian man has gone online to call out his girlfriend over her cooking skills as he showed the food she made for him.

He said that he asked her to cook noodles and she did as requested, except that what she served him was stronger than expected.

In a video he posted on social media, the man first showed her when she was in the kitchen preparing the meal.

A later part then captured the noodles inside a plate as he and someone were using spoon to try and penetrate it but it was hard as dried cement.

He captioned; ”I asked my girlfriend to cook noodles

This is what I got”

See the clip below:

Meanwhile in August, a Nigerian businesswoman known on Twitter as Ade Authority said she broke up with her boyfriend over his culinary skills.

She took to her Twitter page on Sunday to explain in details why she decided to send him out of her house.

Ade explained that he indicated interest in cooking for her but ended up cooking spaghetti in a manner she did not like.

She said that he broke the pasta into pieces that were too tiny for her liking so she decided to end things with him.

The businesswoman shared photo of the guy cooking and another image of the food. She revealed that she sent him back home for ‘retraining’.

She wrote; ”This man said “don’t worry I will cook for you”

So I sat back with my junks waiting for the food. Frame 2 is what he cooked. I have sent him back to his father’s house for retraining 🙏🏻 We women of this generation have refused to settle for the bare minimum.”

His first crime was breaking the pasta , that’s an atrocity.”

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