Obuasi: All trapped miners rescued

Miners rescued

By: Nicholas Osei-Wusu

All the miners who got trapped inside one of the pits belonging to Anglogold Ashanti’s Obuasi in the Ashanti region have been rescued.

The Assembly Member for the Anwiam-Ahansony3wodea Electoral Area, Vincent Donkor, told GBC News that, there were 11 suspected illegal persons who were trapped in the Cote D’or Pit of AGA for about five days.

According to him, all the 11 had entered the Pit to prospect for gold, but could not escape for fear of being arrested or assaulted by the security personnel deployed by AGA to protect the Pit.

But, having run out of food and water which were essential for their survival after the fifth day, sent signals to their relatives to seek help for them.

This is what caused the relatives to report the situation to the Assemblyman early Tuesday, October 18, 2022, whose follow-up to the AGA and Police resulted in the rescue of the miners at about 2pm today, Wednesday, October 19.

Mr. Donkor said they were all men and returned from the underground in good health. He said the local Police played a role in the rescue operations.

Meanwhile, some residents at Anwiam are alleging that, but for information regarding the working visit of President Akufo-Addo to the Obuasi Municipality today, October 19, 2022, as part of his official tour of the Ashanti region, a different story would have been told by now, an assumption which the Assemblyman had cast doubts.

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