‘My enemies are at work’

Controversial relationship adviser, Blessing Okoro popularly known as Blessing CEO, has cried out after losing her official Instagram account.

It was reported earlier that Instagram took down her account while she was having live session.

Blessing was talking about the domestic violence issue between businessman, Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna alias IVD and his late wife, Bimbo.

The marriage counselor took sides with IVD who is alleged to have assaulted Bimbo on countless occasions, so this did not sit well with fans.

They reported Blessing Okoro’s account massively and it was taken down while she was speaking live.

She accused her enemies of being responsible for what happened because she was trying to prove the innocence of celebrity auto dealer.

The influencer then vowed to exact revenge on everyone using the resentment she felt after the the page was taken down.

Blessing Okoro then asked her followers to follow the new account while announcing the closure of the old one.

She wrote: “My enemies are at work. But God pass them.”

See her post below:

In other news, the relationship counselor previously advised people to never confess to their partner whenever they cheat.

The entrepreneur said it is important for an unfaithful partner to forgive theirself and move

on without having to tell their partner about the infidelity.

Blessing stressed that if the person was not caught cheating, then that aspect of their lives should remain a secret for eternity.

According to her, the person who was cheated on does not care the reason they did such or about repentance.

She said confession would not change anything about how the partner will react because they will be judged once they talk about their infidelity.

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