Man compels his apprentice to give him half of N16m he won from sports betting

A young apprentice has reportedly been forced by his boss to share in half, the money he won through sports betting.

The boy won N16 million after playing bet, however, his employer requested that he divides his winnings and gives him half of the money.

A Twitter user @oku_yungx, who shared the story, said the incident happened at Alaba international market in Lagos state.

He said people at the market sided with his boss, so the boy had no option than to give the man N8 million.

The tweet reads; ‘‘So this boy who is currently undergoing his Apprenticeship with oga at Alaba market won 16 million naira on BET and his boss requested he shared the money into 2.

Meaning his boss goes with 8million. I hear the market people supported his boss so he had to oblige.”

The story generated mixed reactions as some said that the boss is entitled to getting a share.

@AGW0_; As long as he’s still under his boss that money belongs to his oga, his boss is even fair by sharing it into 2 self

@Joannesilver_; So if apprentice give 2 girls belle oga go claim 1 ?

@Millywise; People on social media cussing his Oga don’t even know how the apprenticeship system works. At first, playing the bet was forbidden. It was even wrong for nwa boyi to play bet while still serving

@Carter_odogwu; The Oga is very right makachi that boy don play over 1 million naira of the Oga money there. You need to see this boys when they play visuals.

@SammyHolden14; The apprenticeship in Alaba has made more millionaires than bet could ever do. clothing u, giving shelter & training u 2 bcum like dem after 6-8yrs is sumtin oda tribes in Nigeria envy. He may lavish d money wi

@Sethbertocarlos; The question is why would he let his oga know ? He doesn’t have parents ? Family members or something?

@ikoyigangsta; Reading the comments here. Mehn!!! I see alot of you have a heart filled with wickedness and pure evil.Some of you are speaking like those middle easterners that have African servants. An apprentice is not a property nor a slave. He has a right to own things.

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