Man bursts into tears while narrating how girlfriend he showered with money left him for someone else when he went broke (Video)

A Nigerian man has narrated how his girlfriend whom he catered for abandoned him when he needed her the most.

He said that he often sent her amounts like N10,000 or N20,000 at random whenever she begs for money.

But when he got broke, she started acting funny towards him and even moved on to another guy who took up the role of taking care of her.

He said that he even loaned her money but never thought about asking for it back, however, when his finances nosedived, he appealed to her to support him but she was not forthcoming.

While appearing before the justice court, a legal reality show, the man burst into tears as he recounted how he pampered his girlfriend with money only for her to swiftly move on to another guy when cash was no longer coming from him.

He said that he found himself being unable to pay rent and he begged his woman for the money he loaned her but she seemed hesitant to pay back. So he dragged her to the court to compel her to pay him back.

The judge then asked the lady to commit herself to repaying the money in some way, either by raising it from friends or paying in installments.

The lady said that she can be paying N10k every month until the debt is cleared but her ex-boyfriend said that he is not okay with that arrangement.

Watch the video below:

veraofabuja; Kaiii.. this one pain me o

realprefair; He really loves her 🥲

ayoimagery; It is well…it only gets better

iam_black_diva; If it possible I can help him with accommodation,I stay alone no hard feeling (I just want to help him I cried watching this video)we that are good we are always treated bad in return)just want to help him till he gained his stand

mideh001; I feel for this man sha😢

jamie_jabah; Make guys always know where and who dem dey spend money on e get why✍🏽 u aint married , u aint in same state of residence and u r sending her money like say u no get wetin u go use money do😩 u no send money to ur family members 🤌🏼

jj_hairport; All the women are not the same, but woman na woman once your light low they will look for the one that’s brighter 💯 breakfast every time

real__junior__1300; Women no dey this comment section again ooooh😢😢😢😢

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