Lady buys iPhone 13 Pro Max for her bestie to celebrate their anniversary

A young Nigerian lady has revealed that she bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max for her female best friend.

She said that she gifted the phone to her bestie to celebrate their 2-year friendship anniversary.

In a video making the rounds online, she showed off the smart device after purchasing it from the phone store.

She took it home and waited for her bestie to return to present the iPhone 13 Pro Max to her.

When the bestfriend of two years showed up, she handed her the phone, but she was wondering who owns it.

The buyer responded by saying that she bought the gadget for her, but her friend still did not believe.

When she was convinced that it actually belongs to her, she opened her mouth in shock and immediately unwrapped the phone pack.

Watch video below:

In other news, a British man simply known as Darren has revealed that he discovered the location of his phone which got missing in the UK a month ago.

According to the guy, he was just able to log into his iCloud, and he used the geolocation services to track his phone only for him to see that it has reached Nigeria.

Darren shared a screenshot of the map showing his iPhone in Ibiwe street, Oredo area of Edo state.

He wrote; ”Lost me phone in town like a month ago, just got back into my iCloud to find out it’s went on holiday to Nigeria 😂😂😂”

Reacting, @fran_czar tweeted; Your people steal your phones and sell it to Nigerian buyers cos there’s a huge market for them here.

@CallMe_Ammie; In Australia, they sell their old iPhones for $350AUD. Imagine someone selling it on purpose then coming here to yammer about how his missing phone was found in Nigeria

@fran_czar; Fr. That agenda shouldn’t fly. It’s still them stealing cars and shipping to Africa and then turn around and try to blame us. They should tidy things up from there first.

@sammy_side; My mate got her phone robbed a few months ago and some fella has been tryna get all her mates to give us the details so he can unlock it.

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