You must delete his number

A Nigerian lady has been captured on tape quarreling with her best friend and roommate over a man.

She asked her friend to delete the guy’s number from her phone after noticing some fishy activities between them.

But the girl refused and said that he is neither her boyfriend nor husband, so she has no right to demand that the phone number be deleted.

However, the accuser tried to forcefully grab her phone but the bestie resisted, so it resorted to her getting physical.

The one asking that her friend delete the guy’s number noted that she was the one who introduced them to each other.

The exchange grew intense that some of their roommates who were watching all the while had to intervene.

Watch the video below:

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In other news, a Twitter user took to the social networking site to share a complicated story that was narrated to her by an eyewitness.

It involves a man who is married but he is also engaged to another lady and is cheating on them with a side chic.

According to the narrator, the man just rented an apartment close to his own and he has been staying there with his girlfriend.

His wife and fiancee apparently found out about his new apartment and they stormed the place only to coincidentally meet each other.

They each thought the other was his side chic but in the cause of their argument, they realised that he was married to one and engaged to the other.

The man in question was present during the drama and they pounced on him as a result of his chronic unfaithfulness.

It was also reported that they each knew him by different names, one called him Darrell while the other referred to him as Trey. Interestingly, the neighbour knows the man as Brandon.

The tweep known as @hayche_pylori posted a screenshot of the message she received with the caption; ”how was your morning.”

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