Agricultural education yielding positive results

Agricultural education


Interventions to improve agriculture education in the country are yielding positive results as the six Agricultural Colleges across the country are being equipped to drive modernized agriculture.

The intervention is under the Technical Education Development for Modernized Agriculture in Ghana, TEDMAG, and has for the past 6 years provided state-of-the-art ICT and science laboratories as well as mechanization blocks, among other resources at the Agricultural Colleges.

As the project draws to a close by the end of the year, stakeholders are brainstorming in Accra, on how to sustain the TEDMAG projects.

The Director of Human Resource Development, at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Lawoetey Tettey, said ”the project has been successful and needs to be sustained to create opportunities in the agricultural value chain”.

The TEDMAG project seeks to enhance agriculture education and training towards an agri-business market-oriented system, with extension delivery services to support farmers to move from subsistence to income earning enterprises.

This involves among others, a review of the curricula and current techniques at the Agricultural Colleges.

The Director of Human Resource Development, at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, MOFA, Lawoetey Tettey, said the intervention should motivate Agricultural Colleges to sensitize the public to the benefits of modernized agriculture.

He said ”agricultural education has the potential to address some of the current challenges in the economy, especially unemployment”.

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