Man found alive three days after being swept away by flood in Bayelsa

A young man has been rescued along the East-West Road, three days after flood reportedly carried him away.

According to community manager, Akpos Malafakumo Best, the man was found alive in the same spot in Bayelsa after he hung onto a stick in the water for days before he was discovered.

The engineer shared photos showing when rescuers evacuated the stranded man with the use of a canoe.

Malafakumo wrote; ”This young man was swept away by the water current at this very spot East-West Road 3days ago.

He had been in the water holding onto a stick for 3 days and night, only to be rescued today alive. Please, don’t travel East-West & Ugheli-Bayelsa roads for now.”

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Read some comments from Nigerians below..

@comradeWF_Fred; This is where government at all levels & private individuals need to come in to aide the sufferings of the people & of course international donor agents. But buhari government is so secretive such that you see only little of this flood impact on traditional media.

@kulevie; So glad he has been brought home. Non should use these rout & Government should do well to make food/fuel available to reduce the panic.

@chi_omalicha15; God, this is so heart wrenching. Government should please do something about this floods as soon as possible

@OnosSpeaks; Please you guys should do a detailed report on the flood in Bayelsa on so that the world can see what’s going on since our media outlets have choosing to be blind.

@oforitseno; Hope he is getting adequate medical attention? AkpevweOghene

@just_omeck; It’s crazy how much this state receives as allocation yet the previous and current state did absolutely nothing to prevent this.

@comradeWF_Fred; What do you prevent? This flood isn’t ordinary rain water or seasonal flooding water you can clear drains. A whole vaste mass of land cutting across almost half Nigeria fully submerged in water & it’s encroaching in other areas as we speak. The water is Dam water from Cameroun.

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