Arranged marriage is better than marrying someone you dated for years

Nigerian Twitter Influencer, Danny Walter says an arranged marriage is more preferable to the one in which couples date for long before settling down.

He said there are hardly reports of domestic violence in arranged marriages but such is usually rampant in unions that happened after courting for years.

According to Danny, he is a product of an arranged marriage and based on his experience, it is better than the alternative.

He further stated that the idea of getting married to ones best friend is overrated as people really marry who was available, not who they really wanted.

Danny tweeted; ”Never heard of an arranged marriage that had domestic violence and all those rubbish, it’s always the 6 months talking stage, 4 years dating, 1 year courtship and a wedding in Dubai.

I like the idea of an arranged marriage, marry your ‘best friend’ is overrated. People marry who is available these days and say they married their best friend because why did your bestfriend turn you into a punching bag?”

Reacting, @spiecy_diecy wrote; People don’t understand that marriage is literally an agreement btw two people, an institution. We really brought fairy tale love n spec to mess it all up. It never was about these things. Just good family background n personality but today na just cruise till gasala gas. Smh

Danny replied; God bless you ooo. People need to know that marriage is more than just being in love

@seelahray; My parents had an arranged marriage..it didn’t work out all these years..they are divorced now dear

In response Danny said; My parents had an arranged marriage and it’s 40 years strong. They raised beautiful kids who are doing well and they’re still living together, healthy and well. I grew up seeing them put conscious effort into making it work and carrying out their roles as husband and wife

@khanofkhans11_; Arranged marriage is even more slippery than the ones you choose for yourself. People marry for different reasons and mask it with “married my best friend”. At the end of the day there’s no certain way to get it right. Marriage in its entirety is a risk you take.

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