How a customer stole my phone when I was an apprentice at Computer Village

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Ruger has recounted the time his phone got stolen at Computer Village in Lagos state where he was working.

The ‘Girlfriend’ crooner said that he had just graduated from secondary school and he got a job as an apprentice for a phone technician.

Speaking during a chat with Susan Pwajok on Glitch Africa’s ‘Surviving Lagos’ Podcast series, Ruger revealed that his phone was stolen by a client that visited for repairs.

According to the artiste, the man came to fix his phone at their shop, but his boss went out to buy something, leaving only two of them.

He said that he noticed the customer kept admiring his phone, and he eventually told Ruger that he liked the device. After sometime, he indicated interest in eating shawarma, and Ruger informed him that there was a place that sold nearby.

He gave Ruger N1,000 and asked to help him buy the shawarma, saying he could also buy for himself. He had the intention of pocketing the remaining N500 and just buying one shawarma for the man.

However, when he left the shop, he returned to see that the man had disappeared with his phone.

The singer said that his former boss revealed that he met the man as he was going home and he said he would return later.

Watch the interview below:

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