Man washed away by tidal waves while defecating in the sea

At Anomabo in the Mfantseman Municipality of the Central Region, a man who has not been recognized but is thought to be in his twenties carried away by a strong tide while urinating in the water.

The young man reportedly came to the area to attend the 2022 Okyir festival.


When the deceased went to the beach to answer nature’s call, a powerful tidal wave carried him away.

The community’s chief fisherman, Nana Kwame Sankah, confirmed the information and provided an explanation of how the deceased was warned about urinating in the water but ignored the warnings.

Nana Kwame revealed that this is not the first time such an unfortunate incident has happened, and people have been warned to put an end to open defecation into the sea.

he further revealed that a ritual will be performed into the sea by the elders to appease the sea and ask for forgiveness on behalf of the deceased to enable them to retrieve his body.

Some fishermen are currently on the sea in search of his body, but it has not yielded any positive results.

The Anomabo Police Station has also commenced investigations into the matter.


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