Video of 23-year-old guy getting married to 72-year-old woman causes stir online

A young Nigerian man, who is thought to be only 23 years old, and his white, 72-year-old fiancée, who is old enough to be his grandma, have finally made things official.

The two lovers make things official at the marriage registration office in a video that has leaked on the internet.

Since age is meaningless when it comes to pure love, the young man should be allowed to enjoy his marriage without interference, even though their age gap is too great.

It is at the back of this that many social media users have suggested that the guy is not in love with the elderly woman but only wants a green card therefore the reason he agreed to marry her.

Some netizens have also applauded the guy for securing his future because he will get his green card after the wedding.

Watch the video below to know more…


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