Prophet predicts doom prophecy about KiDi

Remember how IGP Dampare urged religious leaders who enjoy making terrifying prophecies about our celebrities to stop doing so in December of last year because it spreads unjustified fear and worry.

Famous pastors who frequently made ominous forecasts have all taken heed of IGP Dampare’s admonition.

However, a young aspiring prophet going by the name of Senior-Doctor has proven obstinate and spread fear and terror online with his gloomy prediction regarding KiDi.

Speaking in a short video, Prophet Senior Doctor emphatically stated that KiDi will go mad very soon.

Going into details, Senior Doctor explained that the singer will go mad while performing to multitudes at a concert.

After going mad on stage, he will strip himself naked in front of the patrons of the event and his manhood will be seen by all.

According to Senior Doctor who is obviously seeking attention, KiDi’s impending madness stems from the fact that he has offended the country and he will dearly pay for his sins.

Senior Doctor cursed himself that if the prophecy fails to come to pass, God should condemn him.

Watch the video below to know more…

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