Mona Mobl3 Trolls Kofi Adoma For Chasing Women And Getting Assaulted

The Adom TV host has been mocked by Mona Mobl3, Ghana’s celebrity madman, for being dependent on Akosua Kuma, commonly known as p*ss*.

In a viral video, Mona Mobl3 voiced his opinion.

The madman is back on the streets, and a concerned citizen asked about Adoma and if they’re currently in touch.

He did not directly answer the query, but rather spoke up about how Adoma is in trouble.

According to him, Adoma has been beaten up after going to chase a woman and is currently recovering.

He’s remarkably accurate because the presenter was recently assaulted.

Nana Yaa Brefo, a good friend of Adoma, claims that the thugs who attacked him were hired by his first wife, who he unceremoniously dumped to go for his current wife, Miracle.

Hence, Mona Mobl3 was exactly right in his assessment.

More interesting to think about is the fact that despite Adoma making a big deal of getting the madman off the streets and getting him treatment, he’s back on the streets and nothing has really changed in his life.

Food for thought.

Watch Mona Mobl3 below…

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