Man Whose Wife Died Chasing His “Side-Chick” Also Reported Dead

After losing his wife in a deadly accident when she was pursuing him and his lover, Sonnie Bassey has been in a coma as a result of shock.

According to 9News, Sonnie finally lost the battle and has now traveled to bury his late wife while also leaving behind his now orphaned children.

When the woman who passed away two weeks ago attempted to block her husband’s car with the Toyota Highlander she was driving, she saw him leaving SPAR retail mall in the company of another female.

“Her husband was said to have manoeuvred his vehicle out of the attempted blockade and then took the Murtala Muhammed highway, while his wife reportedly gave him a serious chase.

“In a bid to outrun her husband, she lost control of the speeding vehicle, veered off the road and slammed the vehicle, headlong, into a tree, damaging the vehicle beyond repairs and also killing herself,”

A source at the hospital said that the husband was allegedly begging his wife’s lifeless body to forgive him while urging her to come back to life and take care of their three Children.

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