Pastor beheads his wife and disposes her dead body in a farm

This report from Assin Breku indicates that a pastor is suspected of having murdered his wife on his cocoa estate and disposed of the body’s remaining parts on another farm nearby.

It is reported that the pastor and his wife were divorced and are no longer living together. On one occasion, the pastor in question invited his wife to help him on his cocoa field. The pastor claimed that his wife arrived at the cocoa plantation first and that she had asked him to buy her medicine before he arrived to join her there.

He later stated that by the time he had reached the farm his wife was nowhere to be found in the farm. But the people of Assin Breku who farm beside this pastor in question confessed that they saw both the pastor and his wife working together on the farm.

The elders in Assin Breku performed the necessary rite for the youth of the town to search the whole town if they could find the pastor’s wife but to their surprise, the woman has been beheaded and the other portion of her body had been disposed off in a nearby town

This has made the youth of Assin Breku very furious and wants the Ghana Police to release the pastor in their possession for them to kill him too since this is the second time recording such a murder case.

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