Wonders as Sogasco students’ hands get stuck on sculpture carved by their teacher

A video of two Sogasco kids who had their hands glued to an effigy their teacher had carved is currently trending online.
An explanation added to the movie by a page on Facebook entitled Ghana: Pride of Africa Culture reads;

“This actually occurred in Sogakofe, at Sogasco Senior High School.

The student had his hand added to a sculpture that his teacher had created.

According to information gathered, the said teacher was teaching them about how powerful Africans were in the past with their artworks and that, most of our indigenous sculpture works possess some sort of natural powers.

Contrary to that belief, the students were challenging the teacher and got his hand glued to it 😂.

Hope you guys remembered that Kwaku Ananse story.

Note: this Same teacher holds the Record of walking from SOGAKOFE To ACCRA within 17hrs 48m.”

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