Most graduates are not serious when it comes to doing ‘dirty’ work- Uber driver

A young man has advocated entrepreneurship and the necessity for graduates to arm themselves with employable skills in a fresh interview by revealing how much he makes as an Uber driver despite being a university graduate.

By extension, Karim Osman claimed that graduates who complain about the lack of employment possibilities lack seriousness because there are several opportunities to generate a regular income.

He mentioned that he received applications after graduating from Ghana Telecom University in 2016 but that the offer was not enticing enough.

He made the decision to become a driver as a result. Karim continued to say that most graduates dislike “dirty occupations” because they believe such positions are of low quality but pay the greatest money in a conversation on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami.

“A company offered ¢350 after school, but it wasn’t enough…These graduates are not serious. If you don’t know someone who will put you on after school, then you should start something. They are not serious.

A lot of them feel certain jobs are below their standard. It’s high time they think beyond that. It is a stepping stone,” he said.

Karim claims that his monthly income exceeds $4,000. He claimed that because of his work, many people disregarded him.

He earns more money than some graduates, nevertheless. Instead of simply waiting for something like a corporate job, he recommended others to launch a business venture or join a sizable company.

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