“I earn only ¢47 as pension” – Nkrumah’s bodyguard cries

In a Joy Prime TV documentary titled “THE GUARD,” Mr. Christian Blukoo, who had served as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s bodyguard, claimed that he only receives Ghc47 in pension.

He spent the majority of his active days at the Christiansburg Castle, where he was one of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s main bodyguards, as Mr. Christain Blukoo stated.

He described how Dr. Nkrumah escaped five assassination attempts and how the National Liberation Council toppled him in 1966.

After Nkrumah was overthrown, he and the other guards were sacked from the Christiansburg Castle and had to resort to farming to cater for himself and his family.

As emotionally revealed by now blind 85-year-old Mr Christian Blukoo he earns just ¢47 monthly pension allowance, sometimes, it’s even not paid on time.

He said;

“Because the money is small, I go to the bank every three months. Even that does not come regularly,”

Up to now…Ghana! They took my pictures and particulars but I haven’t gotten anything. They said they will send it to my phone but up to now [nothing has come]. So, I don’t want anybody to suffer for me,”

According to Mr Blukoo, he is disappointed that the government has ignored him and has not considered increasing his pension allowance.

It’s sad that in Ghana, even if you work very hard and save money and put it into an investment, you will get up the next morning and read in the news that the government has ceased everything.

With the claims of cleaning up the financial sector – You will lose everything, how much less the disabled persons, who cares?


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