Afia Schwar shares audio of Maa Linda’s daughter allegedly confirming doing hookup

Given that comedian Afia Schwar posted audio that purports to be Felicia Osei’s voice, it appears that the argument between the two ladies, Maa Linda and Afia Schwar, will not be resolved any time soon.

Due to her accusations that her daughter, Rocklyn, has been hooking up, Afia Schwar and popular Tik Toker Linda Osei have started a spat online.

Recall that during the altercation between Afia Schwar and Tik Tok Linda a week ago, Afia Schwar leveled a major accusation on Rocklyn, one of Tik Tok Maa Linda’s presenter daughters.

Afia described Maa Linda’s daughter as an upgraded prostitute who does hookups to survive. Afia alleged that Rocklyn is part of the big-time hookup girls in Kumasi who sleeps with men to survive.

Although Rocklyn came out to debunk the rumors, new audio shared by Afia has given the beef between Afia Schwar and Maa Linda a new twist. In the audio, a friend believed to be Rocklyn’s friend in the hook-up business sent a voice note to Rocklyn asking her to be cautious over the accusations of Afia Schwar.

In Rocklyn’s reply to her friend whose name has been given as Sarpongmaa – She claimed that she has even stopped the hookup business because she was nearly caught by her boyfriend some time ago and that nearly led to the collapse of their affair.

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