Salma Mumin Trolled For Flaunting Unappealing Nyash After Top UpSa

Salma Mumin, the actress known as “Slay Queen,” sparked controversy on social media by flashing her embroidered nyash.

There are rumors that Salma Mumin topped off her nyash and quickly posted about it on Instagram.

Salma is pictured standing erect and pointing her aggressive b*tt at the camera.

Captioning the photo, she wrote, ‘NO be HYPE, Everybody they crush‘

Salma Mumin took the daring photo after storming Madrid.

It is not clear what the actress is doing in Madrid – whether she is on a business trip or she is there for vacation.

But her photos have sparked rumours that she might have gone for some maintenance on her bum.

According to social media users, her result after the top up still can’t measure up to what Moesha Boduong has.

They claim Moesha remains undisputed, regardless of her state at the moment.

Check out the photo below;


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