NSMQ mistress on why she married a whiteman

Prof. Elsie Kaufmann, the dean of the engineering faculty at the University of Ghana and a well-known National Science and Maths, NSMQ, quiz mistress, has spoken out about her previous marriage.

When discussing her personal life on the Delay Show, Prof. Kaufmann revealed that she had previously been married to a white guy who is the father of her three children.


The NSMQ mistress during the show claimed that while pursuing higher education and establishing her career in the United States, where she spent the most of her life, she met and married a white man.


But when the “million dollar question” arose asking why she didn’t prefer a Ghanaian husband, she said;

‘They didn’t come. No Ghanaian came to me.’

Professor Kaufmann, who didn’t want to delve further into that particular subject added,

‘As for this topic, it is a tough one for me.’

However, the famed quiz mistress, now a divorcee, who returned to Ghana in the early 2000s said she will remarry if she finds her ‘Mr. Right’.

Although she has admitted to not desperately searching for one, she has established that her doors are open for the right person.

“I used to be married but not anymore. Marrying again depends on whether I find the right one,” she told Delay.


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