“I was supposed to die before Baba Spirit” – Ayitey Powers reveals

Famous Ghanaian boxer Ayitey Powers has expressed his sorrow over comedian Baba Spirit’s demise.

He claims that Baba Spirit’s passing serves as a reminder to him that he should have passed away by now.

Ayitey Powers stated during the one-week celebration of Baba Spirit that he had experienced a slew of spiritual assaults that should have killed him.

He continued by saying that celebrity has a high price and the media is evil. As a result, he and other famous people are frequently attacked.

“If not for the intervention of some pastors, I would have died. I was supposed to die before Baba Spirit due to the evil nature of the Ghana’s media space, he said.

Baba Spirit died about a week ago after a supposed recurring battle with a lingering illness.


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