Black Sherif Explains Pain Behind ‘Soja’

After the publication of his most well-known song, “Soja,” which quickly gained popularity, Black Sherif clarified its significance.

For a brief conversation about the song’s creation, the musician appeared on an Instagram live session with Twitter influencer Firestick.


Black Sherif claims that the song was spontaneously recorded in a matter of minutes.

Blacko acknowledged that the majority of his tracks are spontaneously recorded because his committed producer continually creates beats.

He said that the “Soja” record speaks about the evil plans plotted against him.

Additionally, he revealed that he is currently being hunted on the streets, so he avoids going outside his home.

Firestick asked about the features on his upcoming album, which features “Soja,” and Blacko announced that the album had just one track with Burna Boy.

Meanwhile, watch the video below.

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